Nikki Bella Talks Difficulties Of Going Through John Cena Break-Up On Last Season Of Total Bellas

Nikki Bella was recently a guest on the during this Corner podcast. Throughout the interview, she mentioned however tough it absolutely was to travel through her breakup with John Cena throughout the last season of Total Bellas.

Bella and Cena poor up earlier this year once six years of geological dating. She said being within the glare makes it more durable to expertise a broken heartedness like that, however she is aware of that comes with the territory of being a reality principal.

“It’s very tough,” Bella said. “I get text messages all of the time whether or not i’m okay, or hey, my friend saw this headline and wished to grasp if it absolutely was true; it’s non-stop, and it’s undoubtedly exhausting, however that’s why with Total Bellas Maine associated cheese Bella area unit such an open book whether or not you wish it or not, however we all know what are aiming to sit there on couch and relate to North American country as a result of a number of them are looking identical stuff.”

Bella admitted at one purpose she wished the cameras to prevent picture taking. She said she knew viewers of Total Bellas would be ready to relate to what she was looking, thus she was willing to place herself out there. She same that is why she’s willing to quote personal problems in her WWE storylines furthermore, as a result of she is aware of people are looking similar things.

“I even showcased plenty what I went through on the previous season of Total Bellas I did not tell the cameras to prevent rolling despite the fact that I wished them to,” she said. “But I knew that plenty of girls were looking that wherever they thanked for creating them want they weren’t looking it alone and every one of those various things, then again we get into the ring and bear these totally different storylines and other people question why i’d say sure things; am i actually that person? It’s like, no, let’s simply step back for a second and appearance at matters, however that’s why i actually do take my storylines personal as a result of i’m a reality star currently and that i want that’s a really massive target on behalf of me once I do step into the ring and it’s like, you recognize what, i would furthermore simply bring it here as a result of they’re aiming to bring it up anyway thus mine furthermore bring it to the storylines.”