Mark Henry Says Hulk Hogan Needs To Do More To Redeem Himself Following Racist Comments Scandal

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently spoke and aforementioned fellow Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has to do “a bit more” to redeem himself following the racist comments he created many years back, that crystal rectifier to WWE parting ways that with him till recently.

“I wasn’t planning to roll out the red carpet and begin planning to have dinner with him if he wasn’t willing to try to all the s**t that I aforementioned he required to try to,” Henry says of providing suggestions to Hogan on ways that to create everything sensible once more. “To start, he has to move to a number of these black universities, to those law students and allow them to grill him and own it and apologize. Not as a result of you bought caught, however apologize as a result of you honestly feel rue. He says that he found God and he touched my heart once he says that, as a result of i do know what God can do, thus if God touched him, God will say speak up, and after you reveal your past, you’ll be able to maintain within the future and that i still do not assume he is still fully disclosed it.”

Henry conjointly told serious that he has spoken to different wrestlers of color regarding the Hogan state of affairs.

“There’s been a accumulation on the way to resolve it,” Henry aforementioned. “I’ve had individuals being like, ‘to hell with him’ and i have had individuals going, ‘you understand what, if he try this and he try this, OK.’ It’s up to him, it is not up to Pine Tree State.”